How to save plot data

There are two formats available for saving plot data - text and image.

Export as text

To save a graph as an image, click it to highlight and select the "Save Data..." command from the context menu.

The saved text file consists of two value columns. The comma here on the screenshot means the decimal point; it depends on the current locale settings.

Alternatively, you can select the "Copy Data" command from the context menu. Then instead of saving to file, the same text data copied to Clipboard.

Alternatively, if you open the "Data table" panel, you can select only part of the graph data and copy it to Clipboard.

Copied text data can be pasted to some table application like Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

Export as image

When no graphs selected, the "Copy Image" command is available from the plot context menu. Alternatively, you can use the "Edit -> Copy" command from the main menu or just hit Ctrl+C.

The copied image then can be pasted to any graphics application.

There are a couple of settings controlling image exporting in the "Program Preferences" dialog ("Edit -> Preferences").

Uncheck the "Hide cursor" option if you prefer the blue cursor lines to be visible on the copied image.

Formats WMF and EMF are a bit obsolete by now, so the BMP format is recommended for exporting images.

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