Version 2

rezonator2 is completely rewritten from scratch. It uses power of Qt framework to manage crossplatform operation and can run natively under Windows and Linux.

Currently it is under development and only implements Stability map and Caustic functions and set of information functions - Round-trip matrix, Intermode beats frequency.

rezonator2 uses new xml-based schema file format .SHEX but can read schemas in .SHE format saved in version 1 so you can try it on your existed projects.


Issue date: 2017-12-27.

Download Windows version (32-bit, ZIP, 9.5Mb)

Windows version was tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10 but should run on another versions starting from Windows XP.

Download Linux version (64-bit, ZIP, 21.1Mb)

Linux version was tested on Ubuntu 16.04 but should run under any other Linux distrubution where Qt may work. Use included script to run the program.

Packages include all required libraries (.dll and .so files) to be operational. These are portable distributions, just unpack them into you home directory and run.


Project window and element properties dialog

Elements catalog window

Stability map function

Caustic and Repetition rate functions


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