Packages for Windows (*.exe) are regular installer files. Download the file, run it, and follow the instructions.

Portable distributions for Windows (*.zip) contains all the required libraries. Download the file, unpack it into the desired directory, and run rezonator.exe.

Packages for macOS (*.dmg) are Apple Disk images. Download the file, open it in Finder, drag the app bundle to the application library, then run from there.

Distributions for Linux are in AppImage format. Save the file to your home directory, mark it as executable, and run.

Latest Version


Released on 2020-06-02

Download Windows version (32-bit, ZIP, 17.9Mb)

Download macOS version (64-bit, DMG, 19.1Mb)


See what changed and download from GitHub.

Previous Versions


Released on 2011-06-29

Download installer (EXE, 4.7Mb)


Released on 2009-09-27

Download installer (EXE, 2.9Mb)

This version does not include a help file in English.